How to make teaching communication skills scalable? Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What’s with AI in the news everywhere? Importantly, can AI help education? First off, it’s not going to replace the role of our educators including parents and caretakers in a child’s learning. It simply supplements and augment it. Naturally our inquisitive mind ask, how? At the most basic level, it can help automate the learning …

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Why Prose & Poetry?

Did you know that prose and poetry teaches writing and also analyzing skills? Yes, the same ones children use for acquiring technical skills and more. Don’t get us wrong, children need to have science, technical, engineering, math (STEM) skills too. prose and poetry is a powerful tool for teaching communication skills for children. In fact, …

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What can impact Communication Skills Development

Several studies including one from Carnegie Institute of Technology showed that 85% of financial success can be attributed to a person’s personality, communication skills and ability to negotiate and lead. Numerous other studies have shown that a person’s emotional intelligence (EQ), moral intelligence (MQ) and body intelligence (BQ) are more important in determining success than …

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