Raj Goyal, MD, FACC, FHRS (CEO & CTO)

Raj’s background is in Medicine and Engineering. His education is from Imperial College, London, United Kingdom and University of Michigan, USA. He has taught MD, PhD and MS students using techniques to promote engagement and content retention. He has a strong computer background and was the winner of the Young Investigators award for his mathematical modeling work involving arrhythmias of the heart. His start ups have ranged from UK, New Zealand, India and the USA. Most recently he was the VP of a medical startup in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. He has been recognized on the front page of Kiplinger’s for his entrepreneurial activities.

Previously he was Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan in the School of Engineering and Medicine and is currently faculty in Biomedical Engineering at USF. He has been involved in numerous startups and published over 60 articles in peer reviewed journals. He holds 3 US patents for medical entrepreneurial work and one of the patents that he developed while at the University of Michigan is currently in commercial use. He was a co-founder of Future Dimensions in Medicine, which was his last company that was taken to acquisition few months ago.

Raj started to focus on childhood education and safety with the birth of his daughter. He created a patented device, patent #7,297,110 B2, to alert parents if their child is in danger. He also realized the importance of prose and poetry in early education. In fact, this focus resulted in their daughter becoming proficient in poetry and publishing a book “Pink Apples” at age 5 years old. Learning from this interactive process, Raj wanted to develop a scalable way to improve a child’s communication skill, especially through prose and poetry, utilizing his expertise in AI and machine learning from his previous startup.

Mus Mustapa (COO & Interim Dir of Education)

Mus’ career has been in strategy management consulting where he recently left as partner at IBM Global Business Services. Throughout his consulting career Mus has advised Fortune 500 C-level suites and executed strategy implementation in various industries including Education, Learning & Knowledge Management. While in consulting, Mus was recognized for his entrepreneurial experience and advised several mergers & acquisitions.

He holds both Economics and Engineering degrees from Brown University. As an entrepreneur, Mus has founded several startups beginning early while in college. The focus of these ventures was to engage the customer with data analytics. This was an extension of his thesis(4) to utilize consumer behavior to personalize user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). He has also invested in the startup business ventures while at Merrill Lynch. With the companies, he has been part of, he has seen 3 successful acquisitions to date.

From an early age, Mus was exposed to teaching style with an emphasis on hands on learning and collaborative play, as his mother was a teacher. He has been involved in teaching as a teaching assistant and mentorship even before and through college. Mus has a passion and understanding, how goodcommunication skills are key to achieving long term success. Since the birth of his son he has focused his effort on how best to deliver early childhood education in personal way. Using his background in analytics and user experience he realized that a paradigm shift is needed in education delivery to impact learning.

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